Troll your workmates

Download Whoiam v 1.0.7

By Durss


Step 1 :

Download the AIR application.

If the downloaded file's extension is .ZIP, rename it to .AIR.

No admin rights?
Download the bundled application for Windows.

Step 2 :

Install the application on your beloved workmate's computer.

Step 3 :

Configure it as a victim after giving it a name to find it later :

The application will automatically restart preconfigured as a victim each time the computer is rebooted.

After installing it, think about removing the application from the startup menu and all other traces (trash, desktop, etc...) to make it more discrete !

Step 4 :

Install the application on your desktop and connect as a bastard.
It will wait for victims connected to the local network

The application can only detect users inside the same local network!

Step 5 :

You'll be notified when a new victim connects and then be able to do some shit distantly on his/her computer.
Select your victim in the combobox to enable the actions :

And enjoy driving your friend crazy \o/

Options explaination :

Blink : Makes the victim's screen flashing shortly.
Scream : Plays a screaming sound.
Glitch : Displays some glitches for a short amount of time.
Dead pixels : Adds 4 dead pixels in the victim's screen. Creatives will love this one :]
Open/play file : Select a video file (readable by flash!) that will be played full screen till its end. Or an image that will be displayed subliminally. Or a sound file played in background. Or even a flash SWF file.

Upload is slow, take it easy with the file sizes !

Input : here you can write anything. It will be displayd as command line style in the distant computer. Like that:

You can write those special commands in there :
/cmd : writes some meaningless shit
/ask : writes "y:yes   n:no". If the victim's too dumb he/she can write an answer
/progress : Writes random progression percents
/clear : Erases all the shits you wrote
/reset Removes the victim mode
/url xxx : open a link in the victim's browser

Scenario suggestion :

Do it within an hour or a month, depending on your sadism.

Infos :