l'Astronauteplay with your foot

Made by me : Flash application , Backend

Simple game aimed to be played with foot on a giant console-like controller.
Graphics made by Mr Scotch.

The game is made with flash and is specifically made to answer the question :
"What could be playable with 2 people's foot on a giant controller"

The first idea was to simply take an emulator and put Mario, Tetris or any other game, but this would have clearly be unplayable as all games are meant to be played with fingers by only one perfectly coordinated and reactive person. Quite the opposite of two people playing with their foot.

Giant controller
The (blurry) giant controller

Instead I thought about a maze with blocks of colors that could only be kicked with the appropriate button, this way one player could handle the displacements while the other could kick the walls.
Select and Start buttons will then have special actions to see the maze's map or use a compass to help the players find their way out.
In the end, with this system, both players have the same amount of work and the game's difficulty is specifically adapted to the way we play it which is far better than the first idea of using an emulator.
Game demo


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Hello, i'm François Dursus, i'm 39 years old, i'm french, i live in Paris and i like creating things with help of programming.

I love making useless, fun, creative, useful or stupid stuff and i always do it with much love as long as I like the idea!

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