My nurun party 1physical installations and games

Made by me : Flash/AIR apps , Arduino electronics , PHP backend , HTML frontend

At Nurun we had one big party every year, usually only employees were invited. But in 2013 we decided to also invite clients and wanted to do something a bit more special than food drinks and music.
That's what this project was meant for, create some animations and games to entertain people and make them happy.

I know you're lazy people so, before explaining details, here is a way too long video showing everything i put in place for that special night :
MakeyMakey kiosk demo

RFID Tag system

RFID tags Multiple kiosks were involved for this event. Each of them could be used only thanks to an RFID tag and would publish an event on a public timeline displayed with a projector.
When people arrived at the agency they were asked their names and mail so we could associate them to an RFID tag that they would keep during all the night to use the kiosks. They would also receive and email with the private URL of their timeline (you'll see later).


MakeymakeJump Renamed Blobjump the year after, this game was made to be played with the MakeyMakey. The idea was to make a small blob jumping by slapping your hand with someone.
Read more details about this project.


Voting kiosk Voting kiosk A mobile app was available on Android and iOs to take pictures at anytime and tag guests on it thanks to the RFID tag on NFC-capable devices or thanks to a simple selection on a list on iOs. Also, a light-painting kiosk, held by Jimi Kelly, allowed people to take fancy pictures. An AIR application displayed the last shot taken by the photographer and people could tag themselves on it and publish it to the global timeline simply by passing their RFID tag over an antena before the screen.

Multi-Multiplayer Pong

Pong Thanks to a mobile app, any guest could join a multiplayer pong game on the same screen. Multiplayer meaning from 3 to infinite players. Every player have its specific color and the same amount of point at the begining of the game. Many balls are thrown consecutively and everytime someone misses a ball he also looses a point until there are no more ball on the board.

Kinect shower

Kinect Shower Simple game based on kinect showing the shape of the player and a bucket sliding from right to left during 10 seconds. Water falls from the top and the player has to make it flow to the bucket as much as possible with his shape.
here is a video of the prototype for this game.
Kinect shower prototype

Voting kiosk

Voting kiosk During the party some polls were proposed to the guests. They were able to vote simply by passing their RFID tag over one of the two RFID antena placed in front of the possible answers. Not so usefull except that these kiosks had some instant wins programmed to win a bottle of champagne.

Lunch wheel

Lunch wheel This was more a prototype made for work than something made for the party. It's a wheel with restaurants made to answer the deaily question "Where do we eat today ?". The wheel contains many restaurant and can be launched by mimicking the throwing gesture thanks to a kinect. It is linked to a mobile application that shows a list of restaurant types to be able to disable some restaurants, if we don't want to eat italian, japanese, french, etc.. The user then launches the wheel and the selected restaurant's details is automatically shown on the mobile app with a map showing its direction.

Dart game

A mobile app is needed to play this simple game. The mobile app shows a dart that can be thrown with a finger. Aiming of the shot is done by throwing the dart more or less to the left/right/center of the screen, and thanks to the accelerometer for the vertical axis. Any number of player can join, everyone would have a different dart color. Everyone have 10 seconds to shot as many darts as they can, the one having the most points wins.


Timeline Every single RFID activity generated an event on a global timeline that anyone could see later. Weither it is a voting, a photo tag, a game played, an achievement unlocked, etc... Also, as explained at the begining, evey user also had a personal private timeline with all their activities only. With this page they would, for example, find all the pictures they have been tagged on during the night. This personal page also displayed the achievements unlocked and the one to be unlocked.


In the end, all of this was loads of fun to do and people really enjoyed it. This has been used again for the next year's party with new kiosks and updates to the most succesful ones.


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