Multi Blindtest

Made by me : Frontend , Backend , Graphics , UX

It's like playing 6 blindtests simultaneously

This is a very quick made project after seing this show from Navo & Kyan Khojandi.

The idea is quite simple, 6 songs play at the same time, and you have to find out their title or artist's name.
When a track is found, it's paused, so you can better hear the other songs.

The design is very basic (some would even say ugly) but maybe someday i'll make something better ! If anyone read this and want to help, feel free to contact me !


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Butt face

Hello, i'm François Dursus, i'm 39 years old, i'm french, i live in Paris and i like creating things with help of programming.

I love making useless, fun, creative, useful or stupid stuff and i always do it with much love as long as I like the idea!

If you have any question, request or a deep need to tell me how much you love me, feel free to fill the form below !


Thanks !