Made by me : Flash application , Backend , Design


I have loved for some time resolving what's called "Picross". Some editors were starting to appear here and there but i wanted to have my take on it mostly as an exercise and because the project was quite motivational to me.

This was one of my first oriented-object programming project and it was made at a time of smaller screens, which explains how not amazing it can look now many years later. But i'm still proud of it when i put it in context.

Anyone can/could create his own picross that would then be available to anyone, but only after i test and validate it. This is the biggest negative point of this project. Without manual testing and validation no new picross can be submitted, and, of course, many years later, quite a lot of submissions are still waiting their turn...

An admin page allows me to :
  • See all submitted grids
  • Accept/refuse grids
  • Add crosses to the grid if i consider the level impossible without it to help the player
  • Set the difficulty level of a grid


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Hello, i'm François Dursus, i'm 39 years old, i'm french, i live in Paris and i like creating things with help of programming.

I love making useless, fun, creative, useful or stupid stuff and i always do it with much love as long as I like the idea!

If you have any question, request or a deep need to tell me how much you love me, feel free to fill the form below !


Thanks !