Made by me : AS3/AIR application , Symfony backend/frontend , A bit of python tunning , ADB/FFMpeg/Python process calls

The purpose of this project is to provide a custom makeup tutorial to clients.
The makeup session is captured with a pair of Google-Glass, then, the user receives a link by email with a before/after picture, the video on youtube and the list of products used for her/his session with links to e-commerce site.

This project is mainly a desktop application made with AIR in charge of detecting when glasses are plugged via USB. When the application detects a pair of glasses it extracts the 2 last pictures and the last video made (after some more or less clever filtering).
The makeup artist then reframes the pictures, enters the first name, last name and email of the client, and selects the product applied during the session.
The created user is added to a queue that can be uploaded at anytime. When uploaded a public page is generated and a mail is sent to the client with a link to it.

On a more technical aspect, the AIR application starts and ADB process through NativeProcess to wait for an android device, list its files and extract the selected ones.
An optionnal pre-processing can be done on the video via FFMPEG (to change the brightness/contrast of it).
Then, the video uploading to youtube is made by a Python script also called by AIR through the NativeProcess API.
When video uploading has complete and video ID is available, the pictures, products and user's information are uploaded to a server to generate a page and send a mail to the user.

As some countries wanted it, i also added the possibility to export the files and HTML page to an USB drive.

And, of course, in order to get an application with no external dependencies, all the necessary android tools and python environment has been bundled inside the application.

Our company won a "Grand prix Stratégies" prize with this operation.


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