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How to support an office move with digital technology
In early 2018, SQLI moved all its Parisian employees to a new office so that everyone could work in the same place. This major relocation project inspired us to develop three digital tools to mark the occasion, making the move both easier and entertaining.

These tools were developed for SQLI’s internal audience: a technophile and mostly young population, familiar with social media, video games and mobile apps:
  • An augmented reality game to encourage employees to visit the new space
  • A photowall: for sharing pictures and videos before, during and after the move
  • An interactive online map so that people could discover the new location and find out where their desk would be located or what their new phone number would be

Thanks to these projects, we won the “Trophée de l’Equipe RH digitale*” 2018 prize, a trophy that rewards companies with the most innovative HR initiatives.
*Digital HR Team Award

The Hunt: treasure hunt Augmented Reality

Video teaser
Now that everyone knew where to unpack on the first day, the idea was to ensure people got to know the entire three-floor area.
To make people visit other spaces, other than their own open office space, we created a game, an augmented reality treasure hunt. People had to scan 20 augmented reality posters hidden on every floor with this mobile application. After the first poster was scanned the race against the clock started for all the players who aimed to get the best possible place on the leader board.

Everyone that finished the game was given goodies as well as an “achievement” displayed on their photo gallery’s profile page (an online application to learn about and search for employees within the company).
Mobile app screens
The app was made with Unity that, thanks to its cross-platform capabilities, made it possible to code it once and run it on both Android and iOs devices with low to no OS specificities. The augmented reality tracking is done with Vuforia. The server is a NodeJS process and data is stored in a MongoDb database.

Photowall: the coporate photo social media

Let’s play the Sqlistas! We all know Instagram(c), the Photowall has something of it but for coporate purposes. The goal of this webapp is to share worklife moments with other employees before meeting them in person once reunited. Only accessible by employees thanks to their usual logins, this app allows to upload medias with a comment and tag other employees on it.

Available both on desktop, mobile and tablet, the app is built with Vue.JS and compiled from typescript.
A real time socket connexion is established between client and server via SockJS so the following events are propagated in real time to any connected user:
  • new picture added
  • pictures deleted in case of admin moderation
  • new like on picture

Server is made with NodeJS that runs scripts compiled from Typescript. Data are stored in a MongoDb database via Mongoose node module.
Mobile app screens

The interactive map

A new workplace means new offices for everyone and the “basic” need to find out where your work space is. It also means communicating new phone numbers and a new address to clients.
To make this easier, an interactive online map of the new workplace was created.
Employees could connect to it via Microsoft Office 365 and navigate through the 3 floors. The online map automatically opened, focusing on the spot where the employee connected would be working.
The app in action

Made with Javascript + ThreeJs compiled from Typescript sources it runs natively in the browser both on desktop and mobile.


These applications have been quite a success internally and really pleased our employees.
The interactive map helped them find all the necessary data to communicate to their clients such their phone number and the new address as well as information on how to get there and where to unpack their stuff.

More than half of the +600 employees used the photowall and shared pictures during several days before and after the move- giving insights into life at the new office. The photowall was reused for four future events and is updated periodically.

The augmented reality game continues to be updated to adapt to events. For example, for Easter, eggs were hidden everywhere giving people the opportunity to make win chocolates when they found all the eggs.


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